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Whenever a person thinks of doing online earning, it occurs to him that neither my time nor my investment is wasted.  So he is always looking for a platform where he will not be deceived and his money will not be wasted.  So in today’s article we are going to tell you some platforms on which you do not need to invest, and you can earn online earning.  It’s a platform that has been around for years and millions of people are working on it.  Then you think how is this platform and this is the situation. Well, we will see in our article which platform it is.  Someone has been doing this for ten years. Someone has been doing this for fifteen years and people believe in them.  That we could earn money by working on them, so millions of people work and are earning crores of rupees.


What happens in the beginning of online earning, who thinks about the real platform.  So fire must have come to his mind, but understanding fire is not just a matter of everyone’s servant.  That’s why people leave it so much, and some people don’t even start working.  But what they don’t know is that Firewall is a platform where you can become a star in a few days.  And with small services, you can make a lot of money.  People believe in fire, if they like to do it, then you should invest in it.  And then it occurs in his mind that even if I am new, how can I take an order.  So Facebook is the best platform. To get customers, go to Facebook and join groups according to your service.  Then find the customer from there and because you are not sure if you can tell them that I have an account on Fire so you can order there.  So you can make your account famous and make good money by taking orders there.


Who doesn’t know about YouTube nowadays?  YouTube is a platform where you can watch videos and watch movies on top of each topic.  But many people use it only because you can watch movies here.  Plus, they can hear a lot of songs, but they don’t know how to make money from YouTube.  And the best and easiest way to make money from YouTube is to put videos in it.  And monetize your channel.  The whole process is on every YouTube channel that makes such videos.  You are only searching on YouTube how to make money from YouTube.  So you will come across many videos.  You can also start this work by watching it. If YouTube is a platform of OK Google, then no one else can be trusted by it.  So the best way to make money and smart is to work YouTube.


If you look at Facebook today, there is no one who does not use Facebook.  But unfortunately people only use it to meet friends, to talk to friends, that is, to find friends.  Facebook is a social media platform where you can call your friends and make video audio up friends.  But people do not know that they can make a lot of money from Facebook.  Facebook has introduced many ways to make money.  One of them is that you can create your own page and by following it you can make money by selling it.  In addition, they can monetize the page by completing the limit they have set.  You can make a lot of money with Facebook Ads and beyond.  It’s also like watching YouTube if you put a video here, and you can make money by running ads on it.  Then, if you have a website on Facebook, you can make money by promoting it.


Now who doesn’t know about Google who has mobile has Google inside.  But when people search for their problem inside Google, they see, but they do not know that you can make money from Google.  This method is very simple, you can create your own website on Google.  Blogger on Google’s platform.  You can also make money by building your own website and monetizing it with Google’s platform called AdSense.  Is the largest ad network in the world in which you can make a lot of money.  So building a website is not a difficult task on Google’s Blogger platform.  On YouTube, you will find thousands of courses that are absolutely free.  It took them a while to learn it and create their own website.
  In this way no one can be deceived with you and you will not work under anyone.  The advantage of this is that you will have your own website, and you will work hard.  You will earn money on it yourself and take it inside your account. There will be no other person inside it who can deceive you, even if you have a bit of information.  And you must try this method to get it online with a bit of passion.  But before you try this method, you have to learn how to create a blogger and a website. Even if you have experience, you should try this method and start working.

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