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If you’re like most people, you probably have a pretty good idea of what your notice period should be if you need to give someone two weeks’ notice. But just in case, here are some templates and samples that can help you get the job done smoothly and without any drama.

Two Weeks Notice Letter Basics

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If you are considering giving your employee two weeks’ notice, here are some basics to keep in mind. First and foremost, you should have a written policy specifying how much notice an employee is required to give, as well as any exceptions to the rule. Next, make sure to provide your employee with a copy of the policy and send them a written notice informing them of their right to receive two weeks’ pay in lieu of notice. Finally, follow up with your employee personally to ensure that they have received the notice and understand their rights under the policy.

Two Weeks Notice Letter Sample

If you have been employed with your current company for more than two weeks and are involuntarily terminated, you are entitled to receive at least two weeks notice. The following is an example of a two week notice letter. You should always consult with an attorney if you have any questions about the legality of your specific situation.

To Whom It May Concern:

I regret to inform you that I am being forced to terminate my employment with [company name]. I have worked here for more than two weeks and I am fully aware of the company’s policies and procedures.

I understand that this may be difficult for me to deal with, but I need time to find another job. Please give me two weeks notice so that I can leave on [date] without further disruption. Thank you for your understanding.

Two Weeks Notice Letter with Paycheck

When you need to give somebody two weeks notice, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, use a formal letterhead and include your name, address, and contact information. You can also state the date of termination in the letter. Second, be sure to include a copy of your pay stub or other proof of your earnings. And finally, make sure to provide a check or money order for the remaining balance of the month’s salary. If you want to include other important information, like why you’re leaving, feel free. Just keep it brief and to the point.

Two Weeks Notice Letter with Vacation

When you have to give a two week notice, here are some helpful tips:

1. Start by writing down your reasons for leaving. List the things that are causing you the most stress and explain why you can’t continue working under those circumstances.

2.Be specific with dates and times when you will be leaving. Include the start date, end date, and any planned vacation days.

3. Include how much notice you would like to receive. Most employers prefer at least two weeks’ notice before quitting, but some may be willing to give you less time if it’s an emergency or if you have been with the company for a long time.

4. Write a polite letter asking for your job back and giving your anticipated departure date(s). Be sure to sign and date the letter so that there is proof of your request should it need to be passed along to management.

Two Weeks Notice Letter with Sick Time

If you are quitting your job, you generally have two weeks’ notice. This notice period gives your employer time to find a replacement, and it also allows you to take all of your accrued sick time. Here is an example of a two-week notice letter that would give you the required amount of time to leave:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position with [name of company] effective immediately. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work here, and I wish the [employees] all the best in their future endeavors.

[Your name]

Two Weeks Notice Letter for Tardiness

Letters must be written in proper form and are always polite. The following is an example of a letter of two weeks notice to a colleague for tardiness:

Dear __________,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I regret to inform you that I will have to give you two weeks’ notice for your continued tardiness. I am not able to work with someone who is unreliable and does not respect the time that I need to devote to my job. I hope that you will take this opportunity to improve your work ethic and attendance record. Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, ____________

Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

If your employer decides to terminate your employment, they will need to provide you with a written notice. To ensure maximum accuracy and clarity, follow these simple steps when preparing your notice:

1. Start by drafting a general statement of the reasons for your departure. This should be factual and objective, without mentioning any personal opinions or feelings.
2. Cover the following areas in detail:
-The date of termination
-The reason for the termination (include all relevant facts and details)
-The terms and conditions of your severance package (if applicable)
-When you will leave the company premises
-A brief note about the future plans of the company

Two Weeks Notice Letter Contents

1. Introduction
2. Sample Two Weeks Notice Letter
3. Formatting Your Two Weeks Notice Letter
4. Sample Words of Thanks
5. Conclusion

Two Weeks Notice Letter Tips

If you are thinking about giving your employee two weeks notice, here are some tips to help make the process as smooth as possible.

1. Begin by creating a timeline of when events occurred that led up to the decision to give notice. This will help you organize your thoughts and avoid feeling rushed or defensive.

2. Write a letter that is respectful and concise. It is important that your message be clear and concise so there are no misunderstandings down the road.

3. Make sure to include all relevant information, such as the date of termination, the reasons for giving notice, and how the employee can find out more information about future opportunities at the company.

4. Send your notice in a timely manner so that it is not unexpected and there are no hard feelings on either side.


If you’ve been considering whether or not to give your employee two weeks’ notice, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of templates and samples to help you make the decision easier. In addition, we’ll outline some important things to keep in mind when writing a two-week notice letter. Finally, we’ll offer some advice on how best to handle any potential fallout after giving your employee their notice.

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